Geoengineering – what is it?

Geoengineering.  Have you heard of this term?  Most people haven’t.  But it’s time we did. It is the deliberate modification of OUR weather.  Why?  To combat “climate change”, so they say.  The scientists talk as though it isn’t happening.  The scientists know that “if” they implemented “Solar Radiation Management” (one form of geoengineering) that there would be dire consequences:

** Floods  **  Droughts  **  Hail damage  **  White skies  **  Crop failures  **

** Food shortages  **  Global dimming (lack of sunshine) **

This doesn’t fit my description of “saving the planet”.

The truth is that all of the above consequences are being seen right here, right now. Geoengineering is in full swing and the scientists are lying to you.

To learn more (until my next blog) watch “What in the World Are They Spraying?”:


Posted, 4th February 2017


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